Memorable Moments number one~ City of Bones

Saturday, 24 September 2011

This idea was inspired by Sidny at She's really amazing and you should check her out. Below this post you will find the book review of the book itself.

le memorable moments~
(I started after I began reading the book)

pg. 160:
If there was one thing she was learning from all this, it was how easy it was to lose everything you had always thought you'd have forever.

"Hodge sent me to wake you up. Actually, he offered to wake you up himself, but since it's five a.m., I figured you'd be less cranky if you had something nice to look at?"
"Meaning you?"
"What else?"

pg. 170: 
"I wish you'd stop desperately trying to get my attention like this," he said, "It's become embarrassing."
"Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt," she told him.
"I can't help it. I use my rapier wit to hide my inner pain."
"Your pain will be outer soon if you don't get out of traffic. Are you trying to get run over by a cab?"
"Don't be ridiculous," he said. "We could never get a cab that easily in this neighborhood."

pg. 172: 
"Then you'll see the world as it is-infinite," said Jace with a dry smile.

pg. 179: 
There was a date inscribed on the base, 1234, and words inscribed around it: NEPHILIM: FACILIS DESCENSUS AVERNI.
"Is that meant to be the Mortal Cup?" she asked.
Jace nodded. "And that's the motto of the Nephilim-the Shadowhunters-there on the base."
"What does it mean?"
Jace's grin was a white flash in the darkness. "It means 'Shadwhunters: Looking Better in Black Thank the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234."
It means, said Jerimiah, The descent into Hell is easy.

pg: 180:
Jace took the stairs with the ease of someone who finds a situation familiar if not exactly comfortable.

pg. 180: 
Clary put both her hands behind her back like a small child. "Don't talk down to me."
"Well I could hardly talk up to you. You're too short."

pg. 193: 
I was laughing at you because declarations of love amuse me, especially when unrequited.
pg. 216: 
"There is a fine line between sarcasm and out-right hostility, and you seem to have crossed it."

pg. 224: 
Magnus's voice was honey poured over shards of ice. "That's quite a choice you're offering me, little Shadowhunter."
"It's no choice at all," said Jace.
"Yes," said the warlock. "That's exactly what I meant."

pg. 232: 
"If there was such a thing as terminal literalism, you'd have died in childhood," said Jace.

pg 232/ 233: 
"Will it hurt? Clary asked nervously.
"All knowledge hurts." he replied.

pg. 235:
"If you insist on disavowing that which is ugly about what you do," said Magnus, still looking at Alec, "you will never learn from your mistakes."

pg. 248: 
"That's not a cat," he observed. "It's the size of a hamster."
"I am kindly going to forget you said that," said Magnus.

pg. 248: 
"It's Simon. He's missing."
"Ah," said Magnus, delicately, "missing what, exactly?"
"Missing," Jace repeated, "as in gone, absent, notable for his lack of presence, disappeared."

pg: 273: 
Clary wondered if there were any ugly vampires, or maybe any fat ones. Maybe they didn't make vampires out of ugly people. Or maybe ugly people just didn't want to live forever.

pg. 282: 
"This is bad," said Jace.
"You said that before."
"It seemed worth repeating."
"Well, it wasn't."

pg. 314: 
"Maybe. Although I doubt most Shadowhunters get a tattoo of Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on their left shoulder."
Jace looked baffled. "You wanted a turtle on your shoulder?"

pg. 315: 
"But she's beautiful."
"So are you," said Jace, "and very different from how she is, and she can't help but notice that. She's always wanted to be small and delicate, you know. She hates being taller than most boys."
Clary said nothing to this, because she had nothing to say. Beautiful. He'd called her beautiful. Nobody had ever called her that before, except her mother, which didn't count. Mother were required to think you were beautiful.

pg. 316: 
So the sound she'd heard had been wings rather than demented passion. That was disappointing.

pg. 317: 
The answer was as simple as it was awful: She had forgotten about Simon completely.

pg. 318: 
"Just kissing." Jace's tone mocked her with its false hurt. "How swiftly you dismiss our love."

pg. 324: 
He pointed at himself-he was wearing blue pajamas with a hole in the sleeve. "Look. Jammies."

pg. 334: 
"Where there is feeling that is not requited," said Hodge, "there is an imbalance of power. It is an imbalance that is easy to exploit, but it is not a wise course. Where there is love, there is often also hate. They can exist side by side."

pg. 338: 
"Shotgun!" announced Clary as Jace came back around the side of the van.
Alec grabbed for his bow, strapped across his back. "Where?"
"She means she wants the front seat," said Jace.

pg. 339: 
"So what's with the 'hey' thing?" she asked.
"What 'hey' thing?" he replied.
"The 'hey' thing that guys always do. Like when you saw Jace and Alex, you said 'hey,' and they said 'hey' back. What wrong with 'hello'?"
"'Hello' is girly," he informed her. 'Real men are terse. Laconic."
"So the more manly you are, the less you say?"
"Right." Simon nodded. "That's why when major badasses greet each other in movies, they don't say anything, they just nod. The nod means, 'I am a badass, and I recognize that you, too, are a badass,' but they don't say anything because they're Wolverine and Magneto and it would mess up their vibe to explain."
"I have no idea what you're talking about," said Jace, from the backseat.
"Good," Clary said, and was rewarded by the smallest of smiles from Simon.

pg. 341: 
She sighed. "Seeing through glamour is easy. It's people that are hard."
"We all see what we want to see," he said quietly.
"Not Jace," she said, unable to help herself, thinking of those clear, impassive eyes.
"Him more than anyone."

pg. 345: 
"What would you know about it?" he said. "Love, I mean."
Dorothea folded her soft white hands in her lap. "More than you might think," she said. "Didn't I read your tea leaves, Shadowhunter? Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?"
Jace said, "Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself."
Dorothea roared at that. "At least," she said, "you don't have to worry about rejection, Jace Wayland."
"Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting."

pg. 360: 
She thought of the little boy with the dead falcon. To love is to destroy.

pg. 374:
A sob broke free from Clary's chest. "I don't believe you! All you do is tell lies! Everything you've said was a lie!"
"Ah," he said, "the moral absolutism of the young, which allows for no concessions. Can't you see, Clary, that in my own way I'm trying to be a good man?"
She shook her head. "It doesn't work that way. The good things you do don't cancel out the bad ones."

pg. 377: 
She remembered a poem she'd read in English class: I think we are in rats' alley/Where the dead men lost their bones.

pg. 404:
"A dead man-"
"Won't contradict your lies," Clary finished for him bitterly.

pg. 404: 
"Don't get upset? You're telling me that my dad is a guy who's basically an evil overlord, and you want me not to get upset?"

pg. 408: 
The beginning of a thought tickled a the edge of her mind, wanting to resolve itself into a full-blown realization.

pg. 418:
Alaric had his head up, sniffing the wind. "The stench of death lies heavy on the air."

pg. 438: 
"Morgenstern means 'morning star.' As in How are thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!"

pg. 442:
"It is simple, really. The story you heard was true in some of its parts, but not in others-lies mixed in with a little truth, as you said."

pg. 444: 
That sounds terrific, thought Clary. Just you, your comatose wife, your shell-shocked son, and your daughter who hates your guts. Not to mention that your two kids may be in love with each other. Yeah, that sounds like a perfect family reunion.

pg: 446:
"I loved her," said Valentine. "I never would have hurt her. It was you who turned her against me."
Luke laughed. "She didn't need me to turn her against you. She learned to hate you on her own."

pg. 458:
"You never knew them," said Valentine. "Don't pretend to a grief you do not feel."

pg. 459:
"Let me guess," said Luke. "It's 'Don't kill me,' isn't it?"

pg. 461:
"And this is how you repay the unquestioning loyalty you bought so cheaply, Lucian," he said. "By letting them died for you."

pg. 464:
Glass surged across the floor like a shower of ice, a strangely beautiful cascade of silver shards.

pg. 467:
only when his mouth came close to her ear did she understand what he was saying, what he had been whispering before, and it was the simplest litany of call: her name, just her name.

pg. 469:
You cannot save others until you first save yourself, said the voice in her mind.
"This fortune-cookie stuff is getting really old," Clary said.

pg. 473: 
"Yes? said Clary, her voice sharply edged. "Since I found out what? That he's a killer transvestite who molests cats?"
"No wonder that cat of his hates everyone."
"Oh, shut up, Simon," Clary said crossly. "I know what you mean."

pg. 474: 
"Do you think it was a coincidence?"
"I don't believe in coincidences," he said.
"Neither do I."
"But I do have to admit," Simon added, "coincidence or not, it turned out to be a fortuitous occurrence."
"The Fortuitous Occurrences," said Clary. "Now there's a band name for you."
"It's better than most of the ones we've come up with," Simon admitted.
"You bet."

le book review number four~ City of Bones

Book title: City of Bones
Author: Cassandra Clare
Personal star rating: 4.5/5 stars

I loved reading this book. The fantasy world that was created was so vivid and marvelous. The characters were well described, and very real. I found Clarissa (Clary) Fray to be a like-dislike relationship. Some of the things she did amazed me, and I felt she was such a strong character, but at other times I wondered what she was thinking and why she would do some of the things she did.

A summary:
Clary was an ordinary girl searching for excitement at Pandemonium where the unique people go to hang out, dance and meet people like them. She suddenly notices three teenagers Alec, Isabelle and Jace about to kill a boy and she is the only one who can see them. These three adolescents are good friends and Shadowhunters. Suddenly Clary is part of a war and a world that she had been protected from and Jace is the only one who really likes her being a part of the Shadow World. Neither Alec or Isabelle seem to care much about her, and mundane Simon, Clary's best friend, becomes involved and in danger. Valentine, on his search for the Mortal Cup doesn't care who he will hurt on his quest for power. Clary's mom is in danger, and she desperately needs the help of her new friends to help save everything she has known her life.

I found Jace to be frustrating at times, but in an endearing, captivating way. I found myself involved in the writing and it was very interesting to read about the fantasy world. Isabelle and Alec, although they were sub characters, were very important on building up who Jace is and what the Shadow World is like.

I found the ending to be extremely surprising and was not disappointed by it. I didn't know where it would take me next throughout the entire novel and the climax was so well written that I could imagine so many possibilities the next book in the series will have.

The only reason this book doesn't get 5 stars, is because it was a struggle to follow everything at once. I find this a really good thing, because it makes me want to read it again, but a not as good thing by taking me longer to get through.

Books My Quiet Friends - Sidny's book review blog

Sidny has this amazing book review blog that you should check out. Click here. She was my inspiration for favourite quotes in books (which you will see in my next review) and she has some really awesome reviews.

She reads a variety of different books and I want her to have some recognition for how really amazing she is and how great her reviews are.

She will have a conversation/ discussion with you about books and she has really interesting and wonderful opinions.

So go check it out please.

le book review number three~ Pretty Little Liars

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Book Title: Pretty Little Liars
Author: Sara Shepard
My Personal Star Rating: 4/5 stars

I came across this book in the school library. A few of my friends had read it, and I have watched the television show, so I decided to give it a try. I really thought it was well written. It's not as stereotypical as many books about teenager girls, and the characters are people you can relate to, and can notice similarities with real people around you.

I thought the idea of a girl gone missing was very unique. And teenagers know the meaning of secret. The magnitude of the secrets that Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer have give you a fantastic sense of what these four girls have done in their past,  what they going to do about it now in the future since what they have tried their best to put behind them, is coming back to haunt them.

I think the separation of each chapter lets you live through each individual character and get to know what they think and feel. The power that Ali still has over them shows through and it's a great story about best friends growing apart and what they will have coming later. This is a series, and I will be definitely be reading the others.

I really thought this was a great read, and I'd recommend it to fans of the show, and avid teen book readers. I think that some references in the book should be cautioned depending on what you feel is 'wrong' in a book, but overall, it's a really good read.

le book review number two~ Delirium

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Book title: Delirium
Author: Lauren Oliver
Personal star rating: 2/5 stars
Delirium is a love story in a story without love to put it simply.
I found it to be boring and easy to read in a vocabulary sense. The basis of the story to be more captivating than the story itself for me. It was very predictable, and the main character, Lena, wasn’t as complex as the sub characters. I found I could relate more to her best friend Hana and would have liked Lena to be written in a more connecting way.
The character Alex was viewed through Lena’s ‘love-struck’ eyes, so it seemed I’d never get a clear idea who he was. We are told about him, and learn about him and how he was raised, but he seemed distorted with Lena’s feelings. I thought this was integral, due to the main story line of how love needs to be eradicated and how it messes you up. Lean showcased this part of the story.
It seemed to be similar in aspects to the Uglies series, in the idea that there are ‘outsiders’ who don’t go through a process that effects the brain. In that series I also found I liked the sub characters more than the main character itself.
I found my favourite part to be the Periodic Table rhymes. That in itself earns it one star. The second star is earned because of Lena’s mother. Her presence in the book was so central in how Lena thinks and feels about the process that she must go through.
I wouldn’t recommend this book. If you are looking for a quick, easy read and something you don’t need to focus on, this would be a good read.

le book review number one~ Looking for Alaska


Book title: Looking for Alaska
Author: John Green
My personal star rating: 5/5 stars
I read this book only once, but it is one of my favourites. I classify this phenomenal novel as one of my “life changers” because of the new perspective it gave me about how I see things. This was recommended to me from and I am really thankful to have read it because as soon as I started reading the first page, I knew it was going to be amazing. I read it in one sitting – I just couldn’t put it down.
A summary of the novel is that a teenage boy, Miles Halter, who has a fascination with last words goes to a boarding school inAlabama. To explain why he wanted to leave hisFloridahome, he quotes Francois Rabelais’s last words, “I go to seek a great perhaps”. Once he arrives at the school, he quickly gets the nickname Pudge from his roommate, “The Colonel” who uses it humorously because Miles is a thin person.  ”The Colonel” introduces him to a girl named Alaska Young who is very interesting to Miles.
Various other reasons why I really like this book:
I really love this book because the characters become real. On a personal level you can relate to the characters and become absorbed in the story. The unique factor of combining last words in a young adult novel gives the reader an unusual, but significant and meaningful feel overall. I thought the vocabulary and writing style were beautifully incorporated for this stunning and shocking novel. Although I felt the surprise of it didn’t take me aback as much as I anticipated it would, I still feel that book is amazing.
Would I recommend this book? Yes. I would caution some people depending on their personal values and ethics because it talks about some things that some people don’t find appropriate.